How Selena Gomez Is Killing It On Instagram (Lessons For Marketers)

How Selena Gomez Is Killing It On Instagram (Lessons For Marketers)

Let's face it. Every brand in this world is aiming to craft a brilliant strategy for Instagram to keep their followers engaged.

Every marketer is aiming to grow his brand's Instagram following. But what is the secret recipe behind it?

Well, we can certainly take come inspirations from the most popular people on this social network. There is a reason why people follow and engage with them.

In this resource, we'll be taking Selena Gomez as an example to discuss what steps should a brand follow to increase and retain its following.

Let's dig in.

#1: Her profile is an engagement powerhouse

Selena Gomez has an amazing 3.02% engagement rate on her Instagram profile. Every fan who has followed her on social media is very, very passionate about what she does and how she does it.

Out of 5 most liked photos on Instagram, 3 of them were posted by Selena Gomez. Also, people who follow her on Instagram are type of people who will actually take a screenshot of her picture and tweet it out.

Imagine your followers re-sharing your images on other social networks, in their neighbourhood and pretty much with everyone in their life.

These type of followers can be game changing for your brand and won't let you spend a penny on marketing efforts.

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Lesson for marketers: Social media is all about inspiration. As a brand you should focus on posting content which inspires your follower and convince him to double tap on your photo.

Post engaging content, interact with your fans, treat them like gems  and voila, they'll take care of your brand's marketing.

You need to create personalised content for your followers. Nobody likes to follow brands with typical template approach.

You must be thinking what's an engaging post or content? Keyhole has created a list of 120 engaging post and content ideas to make the job easier for you.

To boost engagement for your brand you can try asking questions, provide an inside look of your company or by posting humorous content. The idea behind a social network is being - social, so don't shy if you want to be a little whacky.

#2: She love her fans

Selena Gomez's Instagram account reflects the love of her fans. She understands that it is important to take care of her fans.

She has made a mark for herself in the industry, carved a successful career and is the most followed person on Instagram. She understands that to keep your fans happy, you gotta show them some love.

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Lesson for marketers: Don't just only talk about your company or products. Personify your brand as a human and then create relationship just like a friend does.

Appreciating your fans, loving them and sharing moments with them will help your brand create a loyal following and will save a lot of dollars.

#3: She doesn't post frequently

This might sound a minor point to you but it is one of the most significant factors. People actually take this into consideration before following a celebrity or a brand.

Personally, I think if you post fewer updates on Instagram, every update feels more like an event. Your each and every photo becomes special.

Selena has posted around 1,240 posts on her profile and the level of engagement she receives is just commendable.

Lessons for marketers: According to a research from Buddy Media, brand which posted 1-2 time per day received 40% more engagement.

social media research

Secondly, it shows that quality of the content matters more than the quantity. Work out on a posting plan which works well with your brand and stick to it. Keep measuring the results to tweak your plan a bit in the days to come.

#4: She posts relatable content

Gomez posts content which is highly relatable to her fans. Her young fans can easily connect with her content and Gomez doesn't hesitate to post pictures that goes well with her personality and feel.

Rarely you'll see her posting pictures with a pout, a a luxury yacht or anything of that sort. She posted this picture and captioned it saying: "It's fun to look cool sometimes" which is true. It's actually fun to look cool sometimes.

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Lesson for marketers: As a brand, you should always post content which aligns with your brand's personality and the tastes and preferences of your fans.

For instance, see how Taco Bell is engaging with their fans. Fans will immediately respond to the kind of content they want to see.

taco bell twitter

You can crack jokes, post sarcastic updates and share interesting news to spark some conversations.

#5: She's young at heart

Gomez is 24 years old. Well, that says all. She's a fun loving, young at heart and energetic girl who likes to stay close to her fans just like she would do with her friends.

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Time is a powerful force and will push you to the next stages in life. But, being an adult doesn't mean you should stay away from being youthful at heart.

Most girls of her age-group would post same type of photos (most of them) as she does on her profile. For a celebrity, that matters a lot.

Lessons for marketers: It's important for brands to post youthful content with lots and lots of positive energy.

Majority of the population on social networks is young and to tap that audience, you need content which is youthful and inspiring.

Final thoughts

These lessons are proven and can help increase engagement on your Instagram profile. However, there is no perfect recipe which works for each and every brand, but things like posting inspiring content and interacting with your fans on a personalised level matters.

What other tactics you use to increase engagement on your Instagram profile?

Care to share your learning and experiences with the community by leaving a comment in the section below.
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